Look of the Week #4 {blush & powder}

look of the week #8

The shades of light pink, beige, ivory are so smooth, soft and sweet, perfect for a romantic evening or a nice walk. So, today we gathered the pieces we adored in these colours and we decided to create a total blush look. Would you wear it?


Frozen Pink

 Hi everyone! I love light pink and blush shades,so today I tried to crreate a sweet winter look. I paired a cute pink sweater, jeans, heels and fushia daisies! Hope you like my frosty pink outfit!


Heights & Layers

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to experiment with various textures, cuts and structures. So I paired a cozy cardigan, over the knee boots and a chic black hat. I didn't add any accessories or jewellery, just to keep it simple. Hope you like it!


Knit Luxury

Hey there! How was your week? Today I'm very happy to show you one of my favourite trends this year: oversized knitted pieces, like a plaid scarf and a warm swaeter. I added some gold details and of course a leather touch.The red lips and wavy hair finished the look! Hope you like my idea of luxury!


The Age of Innocence

Hi everyone! I know It's been a while since our last post, but we 'll make up for it, thats a promise! So today, I made a different outfit with one of my beloved pieces, this leather camel skirt, from Zara. I added a cream skirt and a woolen blazer and few black details. I couldn't stay away from these pumps too! I think It's an elegant winter look, with both innocent and edgy elements. Hope you like it!


Look of the Week #3 {Cozy Cardigan}

Look of the Week #4

Hi everyone! This week we decided to create a cozy, feminin yet comfortable look, in grey shades.
So, the key piece here is the wool cardigan with the tribal pattern. You can pair it with a sweet mini skirt and a simple top. A MK bag is always a must and for make up, you can play with warm tones. Hope we helped!


Look of the Week #2 { Cozy&Simple }

Look of the week #3

Hi everyone! For thic cold week we created a chic and comfy outfit, with leather pieces, knit and leopard details. Hats and oversized swaeters are a must for this season and a chic leopard clutch is always welcome! Hope you like it!