Postcards from Hydra

Hello there! This post is dedicated to one of the most beautiful islands out there: Hydra! We spent two days there, so hold great memories. The main beach of the island was truly beautiful even though  there were rocks everywhere, while the architecture was traditional and really pretty. We enjoyed


Body Suit #8

Hello my friends! This post happens to be one of my favourites, because is about bodies. I love their adapt to my body, their texture and and their ability to make any outfit classic and well balanced.


InstaInspiration {Summer 2015}

Hello everyone! Lately on Instagram, all you will find is about islands, sea, lace, gold chunky jewelry and happiness, in one word: summer. In this post we selected the most beautiful images from our



Hello everyone! This is a post from the second island we visited, Hydra. This was my favourite destination by far, with beautiful graphic streets, traditional architecture, historical  sites and beautiful clear waters. In this idyllic place, I chose a maxi light pink dress, to match with the pretty fuschia


Look of the Week #23 {Summer Elegance}


Hello there! This week, we decided to create a look appropriate for formal meetings in between hot summer days or for dinners and gatherings in beautiful restaurants. So the key piece in this outfit is


Blooms on my Dress

Hello my friends! Here is another outfit I wore while I was in Hydra. In this white background with these pretty pink blooms, I wanted to wear something appropriate and sweet yet outstanding. So I chose a black maxi dress with a cute floral pattern. I matched the outfit with my favourite sunnies, a


Fruit, Pancakes and Happiness

Hello! How was your week? We still have memories from our trip in Aegean sea... But here, this is a post dedicated to all the pancake lovers! We made pancakes with feta cheese, bowls with berry